Adding Product Attributes

To create attributes, follow these steps:

1. Log in as a 
Seller Admin.

2. Click Products on the application navigation.

3. Click Attributes on the left navigation.

4. Click the Create button on the right part of the screen.

This action takes you to the page where you can assign the settings that the attribute will use such as:

Display Type - which has four options:

1. Read - The attribute is only shown as read.

2. Radio - The attribute is shown as a radio button.

3. Select - The attribute is shown as a dropdown.

4. Radio color - The attribute is shown as a radio button with colors.

Label is the field where you add the label to the name of the attribute. For example, if the attribute name is Cores, you can add CPU as a label and CPU will be shown in Shop.

System means that the attribute will be a System Attribute, therefore all Providers will be able to use it. 

Visible defines if the attribute is visible in Shop or not. You can use this check for specific attribute that you want to be visible only on the Application side.

Active defines if the attribute will be shown in Shop or not.

You also need to fill in the Code and Name, as mandatory fields.

Scrolling down you can find the Values section. There, clicking Create will open a pop-up window where you again need to select the Name and Code, as well as having the option to change the Sequence.

With this step the attribute has been created and you can now add it to products. To do so, click Product List on the left navigation and click the Create button on the right part of the screen. 

Attributes can be added to all product types (Simple, Option, Variant). After clicking Create, the first need to assign the primary settings such as the Name, select the Type, select the Category, assign the Price, select the Order Type, etc. and click Save. The Attributes tab is then enabled and you can add the Attribute you created beforehand. 
Next, scroll down and click Attributes on the sub-navigation bar and then click the +Add button.

This opens a pop-up window where you can now select the attribute you created, select the values and assign the sequence.

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