Types of User Permissions

There are four types of users you can have listed under your organization:

  1. Seller Basic  you can update provider profile information, view orders, edit market profile, create data centers and create products.

  2. Seller View  all the permissions are restricted to view only.

  3. Seller Editor you can update provider profile information, view users, view orders, create data centers, and create products.

  4. Seller Admin - you have all the permissions on the provider profile such as: updating all the information, creating and deleting users, resetting the password for users, processing orders, creating/deleting data centers and products.

  5. Seller Payment Admin has almost the same roles and permissions with few differences to Seller Admin, with the main ones remaining in the Shopify Management section, updating the channel, creating Sellers as Partners, reading Partner information, updating Partner products, creating Sale products, etc.

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