The information displayed on almost all of the pages in the UCX platform can be downloaded to your device via the Export feature.

The button can be found on top of the tables, on the right part of the screen as displayed below:

The detailed export feature can be found in most of the views (ProductsUnit Categories, UnitsPrice ListsOrdersOrder RequestsQuote RequestsDistributed OrdersSubscriptionsPaymentsCommissions and Commissions)

Clicking on the button will open a pop-up window where you have the option to select to export the Current Page you are on (based on the page selection of displaying 20, 50 or 100 items as the available settings), All Items (which will export the whole list regardless of the number of items on the list), the Selected (specific items you wish to export only), and Items matching your search and filters (which will export the items based on your applied filters on the list)

The formats to export the lists are CSVJSON and EXCEL.

There are also pages where you can simply export the table contents without having the optional settings and you can only choose the export format. These can be found in (AttributesCategoriesPayoutsShipping Options and Partners)

Clicking the export button on these views will open a pop-up window as displayed below:

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