Prepare your store for campaigns, boost sales, or attract new customers by setting discounts. With the Discounts feature, you easily assign discounts for your products. The discounts are displayed in our shop in the form of a tag next to where the price is displayed.

To have a product on discount, you can assign Price Lists or Price Terms (If you need information on this topic visit our article on Price Lists and Price Terms)

To assign Price Lists, select a product from the Product List, scroll down on the product details page and click the three dots on the Price* box, as displayed below:

This will take you to the Price List page. There, click the Create button on the right part of the screen.

This will open a pop-up window where you need to assign a Price for a Minimum Quantity required for the discount to apply. You also need to assign whether that will be in the form of a Fixed amount or a Percentage. (In this case for a product of $10, if the buyer selects to purchase items, the discount will be applied in the amount of $7.5)

This will be displayed in Shop as below:

Another way to have a product on discount is to assign Price Terms. Again, to do so scroll down on the product details page, and click on Terms.

This will take you to the Price Terms page where you need to click the Create button on the right part of the screen.

This will open a pop-up window where you need to assign the TermIntervalUnit and Price.

This will be displayed in Shop in the form of a discount as below:

To apply discounts as Resellers, go to Products on the application navigation and click Partner Products on the left navigation. Then, select a product from the list and scroll down on the product details page where you will find the Price* section which is unlocked and you can make changes to it. (It is important to note that the Reseller can only change the Price on this section if the Product Owner has unchecked the Price book is locked option on their respective Price Book.

If e.g. the original price for the product is $10 and you change it to a smaller amount, that change will be reflected as a discount in Shop.

Moreover, Product Owners can allow their Resellers to use the originally assigned Price Lists and Price Terms by checking the Use Price Lists and Price Terms checkbox when creating the Default Price Book or the specific Price Books for Agents.

The discount feature applies to all three product types (SimpleVariant and Option). The variant and option products are different in their price calculation from the Sale one as they can contain options with prices. To better illustrate how this is handled, follow the example below in cases where there are Price Lists and for cases where Price Terms are included:

The option product has a $10 price, with a Price List discount where the price is $7.5 for a minimum quantity of 2. In addition, the option price is $5 (This means that for a quantity of 2 products the price will be $15 + twice the $5 option. Originally, this price would be in the amount of $30 where two products would cost $20 and two options with $5 each)

Moreover, the Variant and Option types of products vary in the Price Term discount calculation as well. Again, to better understand how the discount applies, follow the example below. As a side note, the same product with the $5 option will be used but instead of the Price List, a Price Term will be applied where the Price will be $7.5 on a Monthly basis for a Year term. 

The Variant and Option products which have options with prices assigned to them are sold in the same manner by the Resellers.

You can change the Discount tag colors by going to Online Store on the application navigation and then clicking Store Settings on the left navigation. Scroll down and find the Theme section where the Discount Flag Background and Discount Flag Font Color can be edited to better suit the overall colors on your channel.

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