Manual Orders and Invoices

Stores on UCX may receive orders outside of their UCX online channels, such as over the phone, email or in-person. Therefore, sellers can create manual orders for their customers, handle the payment details and send the invoice to their customers, directly from the UCX platform.

Follow the steps below to create a manual order on UCX.

  1. From the Sales Admin panel, select Orders on application navigation and click Sale Orders on the left hand menu.

  2. Click the Create Order button inside the Sale Orders section.

  3. In the Create Order page, you can choose the date for the order.

  4. Optionally, you are able to select an agent to create the order for. As a distributor, you can create an order for your reseller and select your partners products. This order will be listed on your distributed orders list.

  5. Select the customer to apply the order to. All buyers who purchased at least once on your channel and all customers created manually will get listed for selection on the drop down menu. Learn more about Customers.

  6. Click the icon next to drop down to add a new customer and apply the order to.

  7. After you select the customer, you are able to select and modify its billing and shipping information. You can do so by clicking the Add New button, which opens a pop-up window where you can enter the required information. On the Shipping Information pop-up you also have the option to include the same information you have entered for the Billing Information, by simply clicking the Same as Billing Information checkbox.

  8. Click the Add Existing Product button to choose from your products or partner products and add to the order.

  9. Click Create One Time Product button to create an immediate product for this order.

  10. In the Settings section, you can enable the option This is a recurring order and charge your customer with a new order based on time settings you set up here.  To view all recurring orders created manually, click Subscriptions item on left hand menu under Orders tab on application navigation menu. All recurring orders created automatically have the Subscription Origin column on the Sale Orders tab assigned with order id of the first recurring order created manually.

  11. In the Payment section, choose between two available payment options.

    - Select Email Order to the Customer to Pay Manually and the customer will receive the invoice for the order created and is able to pay it directly from email.

    - Select Collect first and automatically charge to send the order for payment to the buyer. After the buyer pays the first order, the next recurring orders will be charged automatically.

  12. Click the Create Order button on the top of the Create Order page and the order will be created and listed on the Sale Orders tab. Based on order status, you can apply changes to manual orders with three available buttons on the bottom of the order page.

  13. Click the Send Invoice button to send the invoice to the customer.

  14. Click the Mark as Paid button and the order will be listed as Paid. Payment generated for this order will be automatically confirmed and won't be part of commission calculation. 

  15. Click the Pay with Card button and fill in the information inside the popup window to finish the payment with card.




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