Manage all customer information in one location. The Customers feature lets you create new customers, edit and update customer information, view orders and purchase history, update billing and shipping information, view quote requests, and more.

To view or create Customers, go to Orders on the application navigation and then click Customers on the left navigation. This takes you to the Customers page where you can view the Customer List of every buyer that has made a purchase in your store at some point. There, information such as their NameEmailPhone Number, and the Number of products purchased for each product type is displayed. It is important to note that all customers are listed here, the ones that have made a purchase on that seller store through the checkout process and the ones created manually by the seller.

To view the customer in greater detail, click on a customer line.

There, you can view:

The Customer Information

Contact and Business Information

Billing and Shipping Information

Scrolling down to the bottom part of the page, you can see the Order Information where sections such as the Last OrderTotal OrdersAverage Order ValueTotal Spent to DateTotal Order Requests and Total Quote Requests are displayed.

As a seller you can also create customers by clicking the Create button on the top right corner of the Customers page.

This action will open a pop-up window where you need to enter a First and Last name, Email, and Username.

That newly created user will be displayed on the list along with other customers.

To make changes to their Billing and Shipping information (if needed), you click on the customer line. It is important to note that you can only make changes to the Customers you have created yourself (as a seller) and not for the ones that have been previously created.

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