The Seller Payouts feature enables the calculation of all commissions, fees and earnings via a set amount of time, making the process of generating Payouts easier as a whole. This includes all purchases made on UCX through the checkout process. 

To view the Payouts, on the application navigation go to Orders and click Payouts on the left-hand menu.Here, you are able to view:

- The previous month payout amount, its status and paid date.

- The amount of money you will receive for the next payout in the form of a sum.

- The balance for the current month, including the commissions and the amount remaining in the Current Balance box until the next payout is due. The next payout scheduled is generated in the form of the date as displayed below.

- The history of all payouts you have received up to that point including the Payout Interval (period of time), the CommissionsRefunds (if there are any), the Fee for the payout applied, the Total amount, the Status of the payout (Draft, Paid, Cancel), and the Date of the payout, if it is already completed.

To find specific payouts, you can use the Search Box or the Filters next to it. You can also export this table by clicking on the blue icon on the right part of the page. Again, all the information listed here is view only and you cannot upload, edit or delete that information. 

If the balance for the current month is negative, that amount will be deducted from the next scheduled payout. It is important to note that if a refund is made for a certain product after the payout is done with that purchase included, that amount will be deducted from the next payout. 

When a buyer goes through with the purchase, the commissions, transaction fees, and the payout fees will be calculated with the addition of the most recent purchase. 

The default frequency set for the payouts is on a monthly basis (for 30 days) on the 15th of each month.

This information is view only and you need to contact our sales team to set the frequency of the payouts or if you wish to make changes to your current one. The frequency can be for every Day, Week (you can select Monday or Friday), and Month (on the 1st or the 15th).
As mentioned above, you can view the history of your payouts in the All Payouts section. After a payout is generated, its status is Draft and the Next Payout section on top of the page is assigned the same information.

If this payout is completed via any of the means available for processing, its status will be Paid, and this payout will move to the Previous Payout information card.

If for various reasons the payout is canceled, the status of said payout will be Cancelled as well and that amount will move from the Next Payout box to the Current Balance one, as the payout was not carried out.

Click on the three dots on the payout line, and then click View Details to open a pop-up window where you can view the payment method of that payout along with the description.

By clicking Platform Fees on the left hand menu under Orders, you can see the transaction and payout fees set as percentages and fixed amounts

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