UCX Payment Settings

UCX is a platform that contains many enterprise features, making the selling process highly optimized for its sellers. All payment transactions are handled by the platform using two different payment processors Stripe and NMIboth well known brands in the world of digital payments.

Stripe will be used by all sellers whose products are non CBD products. Only sellers of CBD products will have the NMI payment processor assigned automatically. Buyers won't notice any significant change during the purchase of any product (non-CBD or CBD) and the platform offers a direct payment solution without any need for redirection.

Validation of an online payment is a complex process that involves the payment processor, credit card authorities, bank accounts etc. and the whole process happens in a matter of seconds. This is why each transaction is charged by a small fee, usually set by the payment processor. 

UCX platform fees are absolutely transparent for all the sellers at any time, and there are only two in total: Transaction fee and the Payout fee.

To view the UCX platform fees, from the Sales Admin panel, select Orders on the main navigation bar and click Payment settings on the left hand menu.

The Transaction fee is set for each payment transaction that occurs on the platform. This Transaction fee includes a small percentage of a total transaction and a minimum fixed fee.
To understand the Transaction fee better, read the following example! 

- If a Transaction fee for the product with price of $100 is set as 2.9% of total amount and $0.30 as a minimum fixed fee, the seller will get $96.8 as a total income from the sold product.
As a product owner, you will be  charged automatically with a Transaction Fee for products you sell directly from your channel. For products you sell through your Agents, you are able to transfer the Transaction Fee to them.
To apply the Transaction Fee to your Agents, from the Sales Admin panel select Virtual Channel and then click on Default Price Book on the left hand menu. Enable the option “Charge Resellers with Transaction Fee ...” on the restriction section and set the amounts.

If the product owner transfers the Transaction fee to its Agentsthen the transaction fee will be applied only to the channel where sale is made. So, if a distributor sells the product directly, it will be treated as a reseller, otherwise, if a product is sold by the agent or distributor, the Transaction fee will be applied on the agent and won’t affect the distributor commission at all.

The Payout fee is applied only when UCX sends a payout to the seller. This fee includes a small percentage and a minimum fixed amount from the total payout generated. Read more about payouts

To understand the Payout fee better, read the following example!

-If the seller has sold 1 product with a price of $100 for 1 month, and the payout is set to happen monthly, the fee will be applied once the payout is generated. If the percentage fee is set to 1% and minimum fixed fee is set $1, the seller will receive $98 as a total payout.
To view the fees for the generated Payouts  from the Sales Admin panel, select Orders on the main navigation bar and click Payouts on the left hand menu. The column “Fees” shows the calculated fee for the generated payout. 

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