Single Sign-On (SSO)

UCX offers the Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, which is an identification system that allows a user to securely authenticate within multiple applications and websites by using only one set of login credentials.

SSO is one of the most innovative and optimized methods a platform may use to enable a faster process of authentication, authorization, data validation, etc.

Businesses and organizations find the SSO feature helpful because it cuts down the login time and reduces the chances of failed login.

UCX is the service provider of SSO services that handles all security-related functionalities to automatically detect if the information coming to the platform is sent from a trusted source known as identity provider.

The process of communication between the identity provider, which may be any website or application, and the UCX platform, during user interaction is as follows:

  • The user of the identity provider may successfully log in to the application or website using necessary credentials.

  • Once the user decides to log in to  UCX using SSO authentication, an encrypted token will be generated by the identity provider

  • The token is passed to UCX in the format of ‘’ 

  • UCX, as a service provider, will identify the user who is making the call and will provide an appropriate redirect link.

    • If the user is already registered, the platform will authenticate it and redirect to a respective channel.

    • If the user is not registered,  a new seller account  is created along with a new user with a random password of Seller Admin role.

  • A user account created with SSO authentication must reset the password using the same email they have on their application account in order to directly log in   to UCX.

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