Mail Settings

There are various templates and mail settings that you can assign to your account which will be displayed every time a certain type of email is sent, e.g. payments or orders.

After logging in, you can view the mail settings by clicking Online Store on the main navigation and then Mail Settings on the left navigation.

Here, you have information that is read only, and if you wish to change anything in these sections you need to get in contact with sales representatives from UCX in order to best apply the details you want included in your emails.

Scrolling down on the same page, you can see the Mail Templates section, where all the email templates are listed for actions which require an automated email to be sent. The information shown includes the ID of the template, Template NameTemplate Type, the Subject which will be displayed when the other party receives the email, the From Name, and the From Email as the information showing the email sender.

Clicking on one of these lines takes you to the mail settings view, where you can read all the above-mentioned information included in emails. Again, you are not able to edit any of the information and will need to contact our sales team in order to insert and apply changes to the templates.

Scrolling further down on the same page you can see the template and how it will be displayed once the email is received.

If you wish to see how the email will be displayed once sent, you can click the Test Email button on the top right corner which will open a pop-up window where you need to enter information such as the recipient email address and other variables.

The information you edit under the Variables section inside the quotation marks (“ ”) will be displayed when the email is received as shown below:

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