Builder ( is a visual editor that allows you to create site pages via drag and drop method. (Click to learn more about Builder)

Builder is integrated with the UCX platform and as such this feature allows sellers on UCX to display custom pages on their shops. 

To connect your UCXmarket account with the Builder one, you need to copy the API Key of your Builder Space and link it on UCXmarket.

To retrieve the API Key, follow the steps below:
1. Log in to your 
Builder account and navigate on your Builder Space.

2. Hover on the left hand menu and click Account. 3. Copy the Public API Key to the clipboard.

Log in to your UCX account, click Integrations on the application navigation and then click CMS on the left hand menu. Click on the Link Account button.

Paste the API key of the Builder Space. Click Create.

To display a new Builder page on UCX, you must set the URL of the Builder page to the following format: /ChannelName of UCXmarket/pBuilderPageName.

To display an existing Builder page on UCX, edit the existing page URL path inside the Targeting pop-up window to the following format: /ChannelName of UCXmarket/p/BuilderPageName.

To set your Builder page as you homepage on your UCX channel, proceed with following steps:

1. Click Sales Admin on main navigation menu.

2. Click Online Store on application menu,

3. Click Store Settings on left hand menu,

4. On Store settings, from Default Home Page dropdown, select

5. set the URL same as as set previously on Builder page, /yourChannelName/p/builderPage .

6. Click the Save button to save changes

From now on, your home page on UCX channel will become the Builder page set!

If for any reason, your Builder page expires or isn’t available for use, your UCX channel will automatically show the default UCX homepage.

To list your Builder page as a menu item link, Contact our Sales team and your page will be listed on the main navigation bar, as a menu item or sub-item, ordered upon your request.

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