Product Details Overview

Selling with UCX offers customization opportunities on how you want your products to be displayed.

In addition to the Profile Editor and Product Builder, the Product Details Overview is another feature that makes the product presentation appealing for customers. To optimize the product page design, we implemented the Default Page Design

This feature allows sellers to add more information blocks for their products. These blocks can also be modified for each product individually. 

Follow these steps to create the Default Page Design:

Go to Products on the application navigation and click Default Page Design on the left navigation. As a seller, you are able to customize your Default Page Design with lots of pre-built assets divided into Call to ActionContentsFeaturesTeams and Testimonials.

You can easily modify the page content based on your needs with pre-implemented tools such as the text or code editors. The View Example button redirects you to the draft page where you can view the latest changes you made.

To save the default page design, click the Save button.

You can also modify the product page for any specific product from the Page Design tab on the product creation page. Go to Product List and select a product. Scroll down to the sub-navigation bar and click Page Design.

If the Page Design on the product page is not utilized, the design by default is inherited from the Default Page Design as explained above. It’s easy to change, add, or remove any additional information related to the product.

From the buyer perspective, the Page Design content will be positioned after the main product information block.

On the product details overview page, after the Page Design block, we have enabled another scrollable section which displays a maximum of ten other products from the same seller. This section is populated automatically and products are listed depending on the category of the current product page. If there are no products in that category, the application will pick up other products randomly.

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