Shipping Flat Rate

Sellers on UCX can choose three different methods to calculate the shipping fee for products they sell, and these are: Flat Fee per Order, Flat Fee per Item, and both combined Shipping Flat Rate is known as an optimized method of shipping calculation for both buyers and sellers. It’s quick and simple; with Flat Shipping Rate, buyers are able to easily range the total price of an order.  

To set a Shipping Flat Rate for products, follow these steps:

1. From the Sales Admin tab on the main navigation bar,

2. Click the Online Store on the application menu,

3. Click the Shipping Options on the left-hand menu,

4. Click the button "Add Shipping Option".

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to fill out the fields needed to create the shipping flat rate.

Find below a simple explanation for each field.

- Name - the name of the shipping flat rate.

- Select Type - choose Shipping Flat Rate from the dropdown items. 

- Per Order Fee - the fee is only calculated per whole order and doesn’t depend on how many products the customer has in the order.  

- Per Item Fee - the fee is calculated for each product in the order.

- Setting up prices in both previously mentioned fields, calculates the shipping amount as Fee per Order plus Fee per Each Item on the same order.

Buyers are able to see the shipping amount before they pay for the order. At the third checkout step, the shipping amount is shown and included in the total price.
The Shipping Flat Rate is only calculated by product owners and buyers won’t be charged even if they buy from a reseller store. The buyer sees all the details, as shown in the image below.

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