Product Metadata

Metadata is the information displayed whenever a link of your product or channel is shared through social media or chat application. Additionally, it helps determine the order in which the links are displayed when a search is made on the web using any of the various search engines.

This information is not visible on your page for you as sellers, nor the buyers. However, metadata uses its TitleDescription, and Image to be better displayed on social media and be optimized for search engines.

You can assign this information to your ProductsChannel, and Profile.

To add Metadata, follow the steps below:

1. Form Sales Admin tab in main navigation bar, Click Products on the application menu and then click Product List on the left-hand menu.

2. Click on the product you want to add Metadata for.

3. On the product view page, scroll down and find the Metadata section. There, you need to enter the TitleDescription, and Image.

4. After you have entered and saved this information, the link to this product will afterward be better displayed when shared or when a person makes a search for that type of product on the web.

Please note that if the Metadata section is left blank, the final displayed product information will be taken from the Account Name, Image, and Description.

Product NameChannel Name and Partner Name act as keywords that search engines will refer to. The description content is also SEO friendly because every word or sentence written acts as a TAG which gives results to queries on search engines. 

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