Order Types

When you first create a product, in Product Details under the General Information tab you can find the Order Type that needs to be filled in.

The three available options for the products are Sale, Request to Order and Request a Quote, as shown below.

Sale (Add to Cart)

This setting is used for most of the products which can be sold as objects and numerable products. If you choose this setting, you have to set a price for the product. The buyer will then need to add their credit card information in order to complete the purchase. The product will be shown as below:

Request to Order

Similar to Sale, this option allows Sellers to list their products as services and objects. The main difference remains that there is a minimum standard set by the Seller for every service. When a Request to Order product is chosen for purchase, this does not mean that the product will be bought and sent to the buyer because credit card information is not required, but the price of the product is still shown. Afterwards, contact needs to be established in order to finalize the order. Note that the price changes as the buyer adjusts the amount. The product will be displayed in Shop as below:

Request a Quote

This option is mainly used when creating products that have plans in the product description. When you select this setting in the Product Details section, it automatically locks the option to set a price for the product. This means when a buyer selects this kind of product, no price will be shown and no credit card information is required from the buyer. In this case contact needs to be established between the buyer and seller in order to set a price. Benefits of this include:

1. Channels of communication are established.

2. Other products can be included in which the buyer might be interested.

3. There is a better understanding of what is needed.

4. It ensures that both buyer and seller are on the same page.

The product will be displayed as below:

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