Refunds and Cancellations

refund can be applied only when the transaction payment of the product is completed. After you purchase a product or service (as shown on the Buyer Guide), you have the ability to request a refund. You need to contact the Seller via e-mail or other forms of communication to initiate the refund and explain why you need to be refunded. After contacting the Seller and making the request, a representative will reach out for further actions.

refund is usually done in case you want to return the product for various reasons.

Refunded orders are listed on the Orders tab with the Origin column filled with the order ID to which the refund has been issued. After the refund has been initiated by the seller, the status of the Refunded Order will be Confirmed

The refunded payments on the other hand are listed on the Payments tab with the Origin column filled with the payment ID for which the refund has been issued. The status of the Payment changes to Done and the paid amount for the product will be refunded.

When you purchase a Request to Order product, orders for these products are listed on the Request to Order tab. Since no payment is conducted during the purchase, you have the option to Cancel the Order . 

Click the Request to Order tab on the sub-navigation bar, and then click on the order you want to cancel, as shown below:

This takes you to the view where you can Cancel your Request to Order.

Click Confirm on the pop-up window to cancel your order and a message will be displayed confirming the action.

On the Request to Order tab, the status of your order gets changed to Cancelled.

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