Price Books and Commissions

UCX gives you the opportunity to sell your products through distributors and resellers. Both Distributors and Resellers are known as Agents on our platform.

Distributors and Resellers sell your products based on the rules you set up for them on the Default Price Book.

These rules define CommissionsWholesale Pricing for commission calculation, the Use of Price Lists & Price Terms for your products, and the option to Lock or Unlock product prices for resellers.

To set up Price Books and Commissions, follow these steps:

Go to Virtual Channel on the application navigation and click Default Price Book on the left menu.

This page is divided into four sections, letting you easily set up a Default Price Book for Agents.
Channel Price Book
, the Wholesale Pricing, Commissions and Restrictions.

To create the price book, select one of the Agents type from the dropdown menu of the Default Price Book for Agents.
Your new Agents will become Distributors or Resellers depending on this selection.

Scroll down to the section of Wholesale Pricing and select the Percentage Type on the first box, select MSRP and set the percentage Amount. (MSRP - Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price). This setting deducts the MSRP price by the percentage you set on the Amount field and affects the commission calculation for both types of agents, Distributors and Resellers.

Click Save and the Add Commission button will be enabled. Now you are able to set up commissions for each Agent type (Distributor or Reseller).

To add a commission for Distributors, click the Add Commission button and fill in the required information on the pop-up window:

  • Price Book Type (choose Distributor)

  • Commission Type (MSRP Percentage or Wholesale Percentage)
    - Percentage of MSRP to calculate the commission directly from the product price
    - Percentage of Wholesale to calculate the commission from the Wholesale Price

  • Amount (%) – amount to calculate the percentage of the chosen commission type

  • Use Price Lists and Price Terms – Check this option to allow Distributors to use the Price Lists and Price Terms you have set up for your products

  • Click Create

To add commissions for Resellers, click the Add Commission button and fill in the required information inside the pop-up window:

  • Price Book Type (choose Reseller)

  • Commission Type (Retail - Wholesale)
    (Retail price minus Wholesale price is a preset commission for resellers)

  • Amount (%) – is locked.     
    (Reseller commission doesn’t require the Amount because it is automatically calculated as mentioned above as Retail minus Wholesale)

  • Use Price Lists and Price Terms  – Check this option to allow Distributors to use the Price Lists and Price Terms you have set up for your products

  • Click Create

The last section is Restrictions which has three available options:Price Book is locked - this restriction prohibits the Reseller from changing the product price that’s set by the product owner and it will be sold using MSRP only.

Distributors can sell directly to customers - check this option to allow distributors to sell directly to customers. They will automatically be assigned the reseller commission.

Charge Resellers with Transaction Fee (a percentage fee of the total payment transaction and a minimum fixed fee) - this setting transfers the transaction fee to your reseller whenever your product is sold by them. Learn more about UCX platform fees.

Once the Price Book is created and Commissions are added, all existing Agents inherit the respective settings. 

Any change in commission percentage on the Default Price Book for Distributors will not affect existing Agents.

To view the commissions of your orders, under Virtual Channel on the application navigation, click Commissions on the left-hand menu.

Since UCX handles all transactions, even products sold directly from your store will appear as a commission given to you by UCX.

This list shows the income amount from each product after commissions are calculated and divided respectively to Distributors and Resellers. If a sale has been made by the Reseller of a Distributor, both parties will be paid the full commission by the Product Owner.

Option products and Variant products may have options (mandatory or optional) with custom prices. Commission for these products will be calculated only for the base price and the extra amount added from options with prices will be exclusively given to the product owner.

Commissions are displayed after the payment has been verified which usually takes up to 24 hours.

To view the Agents and modify the Price Book for specific Distributors or Resellers, follow these steps:

Under Virtual Channel on the application navigation, click Agents on the left-hand menu and you can see your Agents listed there. 

Click on any Agent and you see the price book type applied. (Distributor or Reseller inherited from the Default Price Book setting)Click on the Agent line to get redirected on the page where you can modify the Price Book settings for the current Agent only.

You can also modify the Price Book and Wholesale Pricing for any specific product by following these steps:

Go to Products on the application navigation and select a product from the Product List.

Scroll down and click on the Price Book tab on the sub-navigation bar where you find all your Agents.

Click on the Agent you wish to apply the changes to and change their Price Book settings for the current product.

To change the Wholesale Pricing for the current product, click the Channel tab. Clicking on the Restore to Default button resets the wholesale price setting to the default one previously set on the Default Channel Price Book.


UCX is a platform that allows any Seller to become an Agent and list others’ products on their own channels. Agents agree on the Seller Price Book settings, which defines commissions and restrictions, as mentioned above.

To check the Price Book settings that are set up by the Product Owner, follow the steps below:

Go to Virtual Channel on the application navigation and click Partners on the left-hand menu.

There, you can find the Sellers whose products you are able to sell, together with their respective Price Book type.

Click any of the Sellers and you are able to view the Price Book settings from that specific Seller, however this information is read-only and you are not able to change any setting. To list partners’ products on your channel follow these steps:

Go to Products on the application navigation. Next, click Partner Products on the left navigation. Check the Display in Shop box to list the products you wish to sell on your channel.

On the Price Books page, you are able to see your partner Price Book.

Click on the Active checkbox and the selected Price Book will be applied to that specific Agent. Once the price book is activated, your Agents can see your partner products and list them on their channel.

To activate or deactivate all available Price Books for the current agent, click on the checkbox to select all partners, then click one of the options which appears on the top.

To see partner products sold by Resellers go to Orders on the application navigation and then click *Distributed Orders on the left-hand navigation.

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