Tax Calculation

To add Tax Codes to your product, a Shipping Location and Tax Account needs to be created. Follow the steps below to guide you through the process.

Shipping Locations

Click Online Store on the application navigation, then Shipping Locations on the left navigation. Next, click on the Add Shipping Locations button on the right part of the screen.

After clicking Add Shipping Location a window will pop-up where you provide the information needed for the Shipping Location such as AddressCityCountry, the Zip Code etc. After finishing, click Save.

Tax Account

To add a Tax Account, three components are needed: the License KeyAccount Number and Company Code. To get this information, go to and log in to AvaTax. Please note that you need an AvaTax account to proceed further, and the information needed to link the UCX account with the AvaTax one can be found there, as explained below: 

1License Key: On the navigation bar click on Settings, then on the drop-down menu select License and API Keys. Under Reset License Key click on the Generate License Key button.

2. Account Number: Will be generated with an AvaTax account in Avalara, which is also displayed on the same page as the License Key.  

3. Company Code: Click on the Settings button on the navigation bar, and on the drop-down menu select Company Details.

With the License KeyAccount Number, and Company Code, you can now create a Tax Account for your product. Getting the Avalara codes and assigning them to products determines the tax on goods and services that you sell. There are specific tax codes for every Product Category and Product Type. 

Go back to your UCX account and click Integrations on the application navigation and then click Avatax on the left navigation. On that page, click the Add Tax Account button.

A pop-up window will then be displayed where you can list the information you received regarding the Tax Account. Click Add to save the information.

As a final step, go to Products on the application navigation and then click Product List on the left navigation. Click on a product and scroll down to the Product Information section and you will find the Select Tax Code setting. You can now add tax codes to your products.

Shipping Options

You have the optional setting of adding a tax for a specific shipping option. To do so follow the steps below: 

Click Online Store on the application navigation. Next, click on Shipping Options on the left navigation and then the Add Shipping Option button.

After clicking Add Shipping Option, a window will pop-up where you need to enter information such as the NameType, assign the Fees (Per Order Fee and Per Item Fee) and the Tax Code. In order to enter the Tax Code, you need to provide the Shipping Locations and Tax Accountas previously mentioned.

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