Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Do I have to pay to get started with UCX?

What is a Sponsored Plan?

What are the benefits of managing channel sales with UCX?

Do I have to set up my products or do you do that for me?

Can I buy products from other providers with a company user?

Can I have team access in my UCX profile?

What other solutions do you guys offer?

What if I don’t like selling with UCX?

How long does it take to get onboarded?

If someone orders our products, would we get notified directly?

If you receive requests for a solution that multiple partners offer, how do you choose a partner/ partners for those opportunities?

Can I sell CBD products through the UCX Platform?

I offer accounting services. Is your sales platform suitable for my business/industry as well?

What's the difference between the Online Store and the Channel?

What is the difference between a Brand and an Affiliate?

How do I become an affiliate for brands in the UCX Platform?

Can I do commission payouts to my partners with the UCX Platform?

Can I track sales with the UCX Platform?

How many partners can I add to my UCX Channel?

Do I have to drive traffic to my online storefront?

Can I integrate my online storefront link into my website?

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