Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Do I have to pay to get started with UCX?

What is a Sponsored Plan?

What are the benefits of selling with UCX?

Do I have to set up my products or do you do that for me?

Can I buy products from other providers with a company user?

Can I have team access in my UCX profile?

What other services do you guys offer?

What if I don’t like selling with UCX?

How long does it take to get onboarded?

If someone orders our products, would we get notified directly?

If you receive requests for a solution that multiple partners offer, how do you choose a partner/ partners for those opportunities?

What is the process to get my products shown in the UCX shop?

I offer accounting services. Is your sales platform suitable for my business/industry as well?

What's the difference between Basic and Pro Plans?

What's the difference between the Online Store and Virtual Channel?

Which Plan allows me to manage commission for my resellers?

Can I track sales using your platform?

How many resellers can I add to my Virtual Channel?

Do I have to drive traffic to my Online Store or Virtual Channel?

I also want a private store. Which Plan should I get?

Can I integrate my individual Seller Profile link into my website?

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