How to Change the Branding of Your Channel

o change the branding of your channel by modifying colors and fonts, updating the logo and other brand elements, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Sales Admin on the main navigation bar
  2. Click Online Store  on the application menu.
  3. lick Store Settings on the left hand menu. At the Store window, you can edit different elements of your brand.
  4. - To change your brand’s name and URL slug, click on the text and enter the new text. 
  5. - To change the default home page settings, select one options from the default home page dropdown. Learn more about option.
  6. - Customize you channel look as any existing channel by using a sub store options. Learn more about Sub Store on UCX.
  7. - To update the logo, click on the button “upload logo” and select the logo you want to upload. 
  8. - Edit colors, font, theme, menu, and header color. Pick the color you want to use and click Save to save changes.

After you implement the changes in your channel, click the Save button in the upper right corner.

It is important to note that whenever a channel is first created, the logo and theme are inherited from the UCX channel. To view the changes after the update, click on the button View Store.

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