Create Product Categories

In order to create Products for your Profile, you first need to create Categories that you assign to your Products. To do so, click Products on the application navigation and then click Categories on the left navigation.

On this page you can see that there are two separate sections, named Category Types and Categories. A Category is a subset of the Category Type, for example the Category Type can be Clothing but the Category could then be Upper BodywearLower BodywearSocks, etc. As such, you first need to create the Category Type. To do so, click the Create button on the Category Type section (left part). This will open a pop-up window where you need to assign a Name to that Category Type and you also have the option to add an icon to it if desired.

Next, click the Create button on the Categories section. This will again open a pop-up window where you need to enter the Name of the Category, select a Type (you can see that here you cannot enter anything but you need to select a Type from what you have previously created and you have the optional settings of adding a Description and an Icon.

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